Why Blog, Why Now

Welp, it's here! It's finally here! We have been in the lab working on bringing you this. It may not look like much now, but oh, you wait! The Couples Society blog is just a fraction of a larger vision that we both share. We are using our one love, to carryout one mission, with the same vision.

So, Why Blog?

The beauty about love and relationships is that no ONE relationship is exactly the same (because each person is different), but even still, we can form connections with other couples who may have experienced similar situations. These connections can breed opportunities for growth. If we could choose a middle name for US, it would be ever-growing. Our love story is beautiful, and ever-changing, because we are always growing, Some growth occurs naturally, and some we had to approach with an intentional spirit. In relationships, growth can be a choice. You choose to learn from mistakes or choices, you can choose to learn how to forgive, you can choose to exercise your ability to communicate better. It's a choice.

We wanted to start a blog that would compliment our soon-to-be organization, as well as develop a platform to discuss topics that were not covered our book. If nothing else stated above tickled your fancy, we want you to know that wherever you are in your love story, it matters. Your love story matters. The question is will you choose to make it good? make it better? Are you willing to grow your love? We wrote this blog because we have the desire to inspire and and promote relationship growth. We want to build a virtual community of lovers, so that we can build up our network with like-minded couples who are working toward maintaining and cultivating a healthy relationship.

So, Why Now?

As you may or may not already know, we have been working on our book. It's coming very soon. We are life -partners. Our energies are so aligned. We are ready to consistently pursue our passion, spreading love like wildfire. Both of us have had many experiences with love, or a lack thereof, and we want to share them with you all.

With so many couples dating, engaged, and married, it is a prime time to learn about how to grow your love. We are firm believers that no matter which category you fall in, there is something that we can learn from each other. So, the real question is, "Why not now?".