JOURNEY & JEWELS: Second Time Around

For me, it was always, “I am only going to do this once”. However, that was not my story. Years ago, I was young, googly-eyed, and ready to be married, or so I thought. It was not long after the cake had been cut and the honeymoon came to an end, that we’d both wake up to see that we were simply not for each other. Stay awhile, as we journey through my reality. I’ll share with you all how my experiences shaped a man that is strong enough and worthy of calling I’sis my wife.

The Journey

(My Experience)

I really thought that the first time around would be the "picture-perfect" marriage that I saw in the movies. I learned very quickly that many of those images were merely illusions. Soon after I got married, reality knocked on my door, and in no time, my marriage was over. Most people see who I am now and wonder how I could have been divorced if I am this big advocate of love. The truth is, the person that they see now is not the person that I was in the first marriage. I’ll admit, my communication skills in my first marriage were almost non-existent, and at the time, I felt like I had a lifetime to learn the ropes.

The hardest part for me was knowing that I had to face the public with this failure. I felt like I was in the