3 Things Every Man Should Know About Good Women

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We’ve heard the phrase “Behind every good man, is a good woman”. I’ve never liked that statement because I believe that a good woman shouldn't be behind and good man, but right beside him. Let’s leave that for another post. What is a good woman, anyway? Well, over the years society has changed the definition based on the evolution of women. The idea of a good woman has evolved into a well-balanced woman. Every man should know a few things about a good woman before he approaches her. I’ve listed my top 3, but feel free to chime in on your top 3 in the comment section below.

I. They Are Not Fools.

Come correct. Don’t let social media trick you into thinking that all women live for likes and comments. Good women don't confuse likes for love. They believe in being modest to the public eye, even if they are totally different with their man in private. My point is, the way that you approach good women should be different for obvious reasons. They are not fools in love. They are very intentional when it comes to who they let in. I found myself quickly embarrassed after my failed attempts with using old and rehearsed lines. See, for many good women, they have already sifted through the "BS". So much so, they could probably finish the sentences of a man trying to run game. It's best to evaluate what you have to offer as a man. If what you bring to the table compliments her life, and vise versa, then make sure that you are proceeding with purpose.

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II. They Loved to be Spoiled, Not Just With Money or Expensive Gifts, but With Attention, Effort, and Consistent Reassurance.

Yes, sometimes you just need to look inside of her closet, see her style, and go and buy a few outfits that she’ll love. Nothing wrong with that. But, I'd like to think that good women require more than just the fancies in life. There is a lot more that you'd have to bring to the table to win a good woman's heart. Have you ever heard of the infamous line, "Whatever you did to get her is necessary to keep her." Here is what I’ve learned over the years of trial, error, and success! With age, and more importantly experience, good women want more than just gifts. They want to be spoiled with consistency. They want you to continue putting in the effort. Different women may want different things, but I can imagine that most women would love attention from their man. This does not imply that she is insecure at all, but a little reassurance eases her mind, and affirms that who she gave her heart to is willing to show some reciprocity.

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III. Once You Find a Good Woman, You Won’t be Able to Understand How You Ever Smiled Without Her.

Guys, I can tell you from experience that having a good woman is a beautiful thing. It’s nothing like having the right partner in your life. Having the right partner is more than just being with someone who can raise kids and cook meals. This is about a woman being your peace, your island. A good woman creates an environment that allows you to disarm from the world. Her love empowers you, and inspires you to strive for greatness. She has a way of healing the brokenness within you with her presences alone. Good women still exist, and they are not all taken. There are several women patiently waiting for a divine power to send a good man their way. You just may be their answer.

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