3 Things Every Man Should Know About Good Women

Happy Couple In Love

We’ve heard the phrase “Behind every good man, is a good woman”. I’ve never liked that statement because I believe that a good woman shouldn't be behind and good man, but right beside him. Let’s leave that for another post. What is a good woman, anyway? Well, over the years society has changed the definition based on the evolution of women. The idea of a good woman has evolved into a well-balanced woman. Every man should know a few things about a good woman before he approaches her. I’ve listed my top 3, but feel free to chime in on your top 3 in the comment section below.

I. They Are Not Fools.

Come correct. Don’t let social media trick you into thinking that all women live for likes and comments. Good women don't confuse likes for love. They believe in being modest to the public eye, even if they are totally different with their man in private. My point is, the way that you approach good women should be different for obvious reasons. They are not fools in love. They are very intentional when it comes to who they let in. I found myself quickly embarrassed after my failed attempts with using old and rehearsed lines. See, for many good women, they have already sifted through the "BS". So much so, they could probably finish the sentences of a man trying to run game. It's best to evaluate what you have to offer as a man. If what you bring to the table compliments her life, and vise versa, then make sure that you are proceeding with purpose.