3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Good Men

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We've heard countless of times women make the statement, "Good men are hard to find". We treat good men as if they are unicorns. Is it that they really are a rare breed, or should we reconsider the type of men that we've typically exposed ourselves to?

What makes a man a "Good Man"? Some women define a good man based on his character, while others focus on what he has. Some women look at what he does for a living, while others measure him by his faith and spirituality. The point is, different women think of good men in different ways. I once read a quote that stated, "As women, it is imperative that we learn to look in a man, rather than looking at him". Holding this statement to be true, I think it is important that if we women want a "good man", we have to know a little something about them. I won't make you wait anymore. Below are a few things that I've learned about good men, based on my experiences. Feel free to let me know your top 3 things in the comments section below!

I. They Will Never Be Perfect.

Women often confuse the idea of a good man with a perfect man. I know that I've made the mistake at one point in life believing that good men shouldn't be able to make mistakes because they "know better". Wouldn't it be nice if we could find someone who could do everything right? Believe it or not, putting this kind if pressure on a man can be more detrimental to a relationship. Good men will never be perfect, but the beauty of their imperfections inspires you to still love them. It's best to focus on their love, effort, and commitment, which in many cases is unparalleled.

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