JOURNEY & JEWELS: We're Not Pregnant Yet But We're Keeping the Faith!

Fertility issues are more common than we think. Last year Landon and I decided that we wanted to add a little one to our family. Needless to say, it hasn’t happened for us, YET! Let’s just say, we know first hand the emotional roller coaster ride it can be. Touching on this topic is especially important to us because, while we felt so alone, we learned that we weren’t. One couple that inspires us, still today, is Corey and Crystal Bright. We admire this couple for so many reasons. These Houston natives have been married for 6 years, and after years of trying to conceive, they have demonstrated how NOT to lose their faith in trying times. We have the pleasure of featuring them on our blog so that they can share with us their journey, and jewels on how we can use the agony of fertility issues to grow our faith.


(Their Experience)

You both have been so transparent with your experience in trying to conceive. What we admire most is how you both have maintained a positive attitude about this possibility, despite the outcomes. What has this journey been like for you individually, and as a couple?

“In the beginning, when we first started we were joyous and optimistic. After failed surgeries and attempts to conceive it changed into bitterness and sorrow. Through the years of healing and seeking God more for our promise we are no longer bitter or angry but we ARE human still. After we lost Coree Grace (our IVF success baby) last year, our journey was flipped upside down. Individually we’ve experienced sadness, depression, emptiness, brokenness, joy, gratefulness, peace, love, uncertainty, doubt, hope, confusion, and loneliness. As a couple, we yearn to have a child. So to have gone through what we have endured has been very tough but it has strengthen us in ways unimaginable.”

How did you both find the strength to cope with the mental, physical, and emotional distress of fertility issues?

"There’s a scripture that expresses that in our weakness, God’s strength is displayed. Truly it is ONLY by His strength and not our own that we’re not divorced or depressed. Struggling with conceiving is very stressful and without prayer, strong radical faith, family/friends and one another we’d be “no good”. Our prayer life had to change up. We prayed for our mental health many of days! We used biblical and spiritual affirmations to declare the promise God gave us no matter what it looked like. We communicated our feelings to each other when needed instead of bottling our emotions up. Also God has given us a wonderful support system of believers who stand in the gap for us in prayer and warfare. They encourage us and keep our spirits lifted. Lastly, we have the love of each other. We take turns supporting one another and when we’re both down and out we lay together and cry."

How did this process affect your relationship?

"We have leaned on each other in our weak moments and our journey has actually brought us closer to one another and to God. We’ve had to love and support one another even when we may not have felt like doing so because only we know the severity of the wounds. Going through such a journey and being able to understand each other’s emotions, hurt, and pains, and the reasoning behind our feelings brings about a connection that is quite unexplainable. Watching my husband cry out to God...watching him fight depression...watching him put away his sorrow to console me has brought about a deeper appreciation and love for him. Our journey has saved our marriage!"

How has faith played a role in your journey?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1)

Though we don’t know the year, month or day that God’s word will stand true, we have great hopes that one day we will conceive a child that we can bring home to nurture, love and cherish. Faith is everything to us! God has to do it!



1) Trust the Process!

Whatever is occurring is happening for a reason and season. It is not happening to you but FOR YOU! Trust that God knows best and His timing is perfect. Something great is brewing.

2) Don’t Get So Caught Up in What You Don’t Have That You Forget About What You GOT! (Excuse My Grammar)

We can get so down about our fertility issues that we forget to be grateful for what God is currently doing in our lives. We forget to love on our husbands/wives. Love on our families. Love on OURSELVES! Enjoy the now and you’ll look up and boom...BABY!”

3. Enjoy the Journey!

​This is for the lovers. Fertility battles can blow out the flame. I can remember Corey and I being so sad that we’d go weeks without being intimate. That’s not healthy! I realized that “Hey! We need to enjoy the journey.” How’s the baby going to manifest if we’re not interacting? Find your sexy and enjoy the gifts of marriage while you can. I heard it’s a wrap once the children come anyway!

NEVER Stop Believing!

If God promised it, it shall come to past!

Photo: December 2016-Coree Grace

Corey and I truly thank you for allowing us to share our story with you! The journey isn’t’s just beginning.