Journey and Jewels: Miss Naomi K. Talks Life and Love

We had the chance to meet Ms. Naomi L. Klein, who shared with us her experience with balancing a successful real estate career, being a mom, getting ready to launch her lifestyle blog,, and still finding time for herself and love. Naomi had great insight, and we had to allow her to share her journey and jewels with you. Hope you enjoy!


(Her Experience)

How has your perception changed over the years when it comes to life and love?

As I get older, I have learned to be present. When I choose something in life, be it a relationship, a vacation, or even a restaurant, I have learned to be present. It is important to really appreciate and take the time to be in the moment. I try not to focus too much on the past or the future, but really enjoy the present. Time is fleeting, tomorrow is not promised, and we are gifted with the present.

The good old days are today! I’ve also learned to listen to my instincts, take personal responsibility, embrace that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be at all times, and to appreciate all the lessons I’ve learned along the way. In order to sustain peace in your life, it’s mandatory to only allow positive and supportive people into your inner circle. Easier said than done, yet mandatory. Life looks different for everyone, so you need to stick to what makes you feel the most comfortable! It’s important to remember you can always edit and change the course. We’re always evolving.

In love, I’ve learned that at a certain point, we must look internally, and take responsibility for some of the decisions that we’ve made. It is then that we can truly appreciate how far we’ve come. Laugh at your mistakes, find the good that came from them, and never stop learning. Experience has been my biggest teacher. I've gained wisdom by overcoming setbacks, and have learned to persist with determination and appreciation for all experiences-good and bad. Heartache has taught me to be a better lover. Above all else, taking personal responsibility has given me strength, confidence, self-love, and happiness. It’s the winning combination. The best part about it is that everything I have learned, I can pass on to others, and help support them through their journeys. I have learned to embrace that we are all imperfect beings, and I find that so intriguing!! #OwnIt

Men like women with ambition, drive, and passion. Since this is the type of woman you are (thumbs up), how do you maintain being that woman, while still making time for someone else in your regular routine?

To me, no matter how many transactions I close, closing the deal on love and having that mental and physical intimacy is true success. Men love women with ambition, drive, and passion. Loving your man and being supportive of him creates an incredible bond. Women enjoy the same in men. While I love my career and my friends, my first priority is pouring into my love relationship. I appreciate my man. At times I’ll cook for him, but I always listen to him and see how I can offer support. I love being in my feminine and expressing my desire of nurturing, caring, and lovingly supporting my significant other. I do it because it makes me calm and happy, and in turn, it makes him happy. It’s a win, win!

Do you find it difficult for successful men and women to be in a meaningful relationship?

As long as timing and values are in place for both people, it is possible for successful men and women to have meaningful relationships. Being successful is a bonus! There are two guidelines to follow for a meaningful relationship:

1. You both must be whole when you enter the relationship! Having done the personal work on yourself will serve you well in your career and your relationship. It’s the only way to find peace within yourself and bring value into a loving relationship. Identifying personals strengths and weaknesses within your relationships, allows you to analyze and resolve past experiences so that you can secure a better future.

2. Prioritize your relationship. If you want to see growth in your relationship, make it a priority. You can’t get that summer body by thinking about it. You have to put in the work! That body doesn’t itself shape up. The same applies for a relationship. It takes a moderate amount of time, focus and dedication, a few days a week, to keep that relationship (and body) healthy.



When it Comes to Love and Relationships it is All About Timing and Values! #DontSettle

It really is that simple. We can try to justify why something isn’t working but the truth is, if the shoe doesn’t fit, we can’t really wear it. The shoe, just like a relationship with another person, either fits or it doesn’t. When you try to work with a shoe that doesn't fit, you will either be in pain or be uncomfortable. In other words, don't settle with someone who isn't fitting for your life. Even though the uncomfortable pair may look good, and even seem like a "must have", it's not for your good! You may think that you can force a good looking shoe to fit, but in reality, it will only prevent you from finding the shoe that feels comfortable, and looks amazing. The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella knew what she was doing.

Timing is everything! The perfect fit may not happen on your timing. You have to know your value! I would suggest to name your top 3-5 values and non-negotiables. When you connect with someone who has similar values, it helps the relationship on all cylinders. How you were raised, your spiritual and religious beliefs, and even financial habits, can all play a part in how you value life and love. When it's your time, you will really appreciate your significant other, and together you can create the love you both desire. In the meantime, enjoy the process of finding that fit.

Listen to Your Gut! Do Not Let Your Friends or Family Influence You Based on What They Would Do.

We’ve all had life experiences making us who we are today. However, our experiences are just that...ours. Lessons learned, ours. Lessons to be learned, ours. Heartbreak, ours. Progress, ours. Happiness, ours. As much as we love our friends and family, they aren’t us. Just as no two fingerprints are the same, I believe our hearts and minds are not replicas of anyone else’s. We all have our own styles and relationship DNA. We are all different and get to choose our direction. The key is to stay open-minded and positive. Know who you are and know what values and commonalities you are looking for in someone else. You may be completely swept off your feet by someone you never expected or someone your friends never expected for you. Once your heart has surprisingly connected with someone else, that’s when the magic happens. Go for it!

Imperfection is Intriguing and Sexy! Both Yours and Your Significant Other’s. #OwnIt!

Identifying and embracing your imperfections is the superpower behind self-confidence. It will also allow you to be more open-minded in meeting and learning about other people. Erase self-doubt and judgement by acknowledging and telling your story. We all have experiences, triumphs and defeats. How we learn to incorporate these experiences into our life, speaks volumes, and affects the quality of the friends we choose, perhaps career paths, and definitely in our romantic relationships. Embrace your flaws. Be proud of every step you take toward self-improvement. No matter how small you believe your step(s) are, remember, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

There is nothing sexy than someone who recognizes their imperfections, owns them, and continuously works toward improvement.


Ms. Naomi K

Instagram: @MsNaomiK