Seeds, Weeds, and Relationships

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to help my dad in our backyard garden. Even as a little kid, I was fascinated with how you could take these tiny seeds and turn it into fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t until I grew older, and wiser, that I realized such a process could convey a much deeper, and philosophical meaning. Most of us have heard of the ancient proverb of sowing and reaping. The law of sowing and reaping can be applied across many disciplines, but I am particularly interested in how we can look at this concept as it relates to relationships.

I remember having a conversation with a close friend who was in the process of planting a garden in his backyard. He was explaining the process of seeding, watering, guarding, and reaping. A light bulb went off in my head. This concept is the same for relationships. However, the concept is a lot easier said than done. It wasn’t until a major heartbreak that I examined the concept in depth. While I was sowing, and even watering, I wondered why my harvest (happiness) was still hit or miss. After reflection, I was able to analyze the process, and conclude that there were some additional steps that I missed that hindered me from having a fighting chance come harvest time.

Here are some things that I’ve analyzed.

Step 1: Tend to the Soil, First.