7 Things Every Man Wants to Hear From His Lady

7 Things Every Man Wants to Hear

One. "I Love You"

Yes, even if some of us don't say it as often as we should, we enjoy hearing our lady tell us that she loves us. Saying "I love you" may feel unnatural to someone who has rarely heard it growing up. A woman’s love nurtures, and even the most masculine men thrive on such affection. So, next time your man comes home, wrap your arms around him and tell him “I love you”.

Two. "I Want You"

So, I know what you’re thinking, and this is not just about being sexual. In fact, this has more to do with the spiritual, mental and emotional needs, than mere sexual attraction. “I want you” is greater than the desires of the flesh, it caters to the cravings of the heart. It represents a person's desire to reach higher altitudes of love, with the desire to share mental space, emotional needs, intimate experiences, and spiritual relationships, in efforts to be more aligned. Saying "I want you" is in essence saying, "I choose you".

Three. "I Need You"

I am sure it’s safe to say that we all desire a relationship that brings reciprocity.